Helpful Internet Links

Here are some helpful Web Sites.

Government Sites

U.S. Treasury Service

One of the most frequently visited sites in America. The Internal Revenue Service has more than you would ever want to know regarding taxes. Check payments made, account balance, set-up payments by direct debit or credit card.

IRS Where is my Refund

You will need to answer a couple questions regarding your tax return so have it handy. Within moments find out the status of your return.

The Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration web site. This is a great place to request earnings reports or to ask questions about Social Security.

IRS Withholding Calculator

Complete the Form W-4 to figure the proper withholding.

FTB Where is my refund?

Check the status of your refund quickly on-line. Have your return handy to answer a couple of questions.

California Unclaimed Property

Search the California State Controller's database to see if you have unclaimed property.

Tax Return Links


Meeting to go over the tax return prep process this year and to educate me on any changes from last year that I will need to know to work on your return.

Orange County Tax Collector

Pay or review your property tax payments to the Orange County Tax Collector

LA County Property Taxes

Make and review payments for LA County real estate.

Salvation Army Pick-up

Schedule pickups and track your non-cash charitable deductions with the Salvation Army

Goodwill Donation Pickup

Use this information to help schedule a donation pickup from Goodwill Industries.

Salvation Army Donation Value Guide

Use the donation value guide to help you document your donation tax deduction.

Financial Sites

Equitable Advisors, LLC

A great resource for information on retirement planning, financial planning, investments and insurance products.

Credit Report

Did you know that you can get a free credit report once a year from each Credit Reporting Agency. It only takes a few minutes online and you can print it out for your records. Click the "Credit Report" link below to get started. There are 3 credit reporting agencies. I suggest that each client gets a free report from 1 entity each 3-4 months. Do not get all reporting agencies at one time if you want to use this strategy.